Latvia’s Math Miracle

A dialogue at the Copy Shop:

Nienke: *printing out some stuff…*

Girl: “Hello”

Nienke: “Hello”

Girl: *staring…*

Nienke: *thinking it’s probably time now to say at which printer I printed something*

Girl: *still staring…*

Nienke: “Number 5”

Girl: “How much?”

Nienke: “Uhm… this document is 15 pages long and that one… 8”

Girl: *thinking for a moment* + *getting a calculator* + *typing in 15+8=* + *discovering that the answer is 23*

Nienke: *putting on a surprised face with a mean sneaky laugh*

Girl: *messing around with the cash register* + “LVL 0,74”

Nienke: *giving the money* + “Here you are”

Girl: *silent*

Nienke: *walking away, realizing my bad math skills are actually not even that bad”


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