Another interesting discovery concerning food… When walking through Rimi I saw the ‘Hematogen’ bars were in discount for only 33 santim per bar. The smiling sun and happy figures on the package made me try this innocent looking piece of candy. After a closer investigation I read the following on the package: ‘Food supplement. Do not use as food substitute. Store out of reach of children. The daily dosage should not be exceeded’. Hmm, mysterious. So that’s why this stuff was laying around in the ‘health corner’ instead of the sweets department. 
I unwrapped the package and found a dark brown kind of like chocolate looking heavy little bar in there. Conclusion after the first bite: interesting texture, not even so bad. All the precautions on the package made me rather curious about what exactly makes this piece of candy so different from the rest. Wikipedia helped me out. Hematogen seems to be a Russian fudge candy bar. Sounds not too bad right? However, it surprised me to read what one of the main ingredients is: cow’s blood! And indeed, the after taste is kind of iron like. After some more research I figured out that this bar works very well against anemia. This can also be found back in the name, which is actually Greek for blood maker.


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