Thursday 24 May: Black flag again

This afternoon our team was strengthened with two more Swedes. Bengt and Tove arrived in Marijampole after a long day of travelling. A hesitation waltz and a fly on were scheduled for this evening’s flight. We all gathered at a sport field in between some Soviet blocks. We’ve been waiting a long time for the wind to drop, however, we had a lot of locals to communicate with so it was not even that bad. Especially the children were very curious about our strange languages. Eventually the black flag was raised, again. The chances for tomorrow look better luckily!
This evening we had some food at the pizza place next door. We watched some of the Eurovision songs. Hmm, I didn’t really know what to think about the Dutch one. Anyways, four Lithuanians supported my country and I got a happy ‘yeeeeey, the Netherlaaaaaands’ and a high five every time I walked by.
While writing this an old man with a bucket of paper flowers comes by and gives me one of them. Thanks!
Ok, sleep well people!
Greetings from the co-pilot ^^

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