Some ballooning in the Netherlands

Besides all the foreign balloon events I attended lately I now thought it would be nice to visit some fiësta’s a bit closer to my roots as well. 
July 24 I had a look at a little balloon event in a small town called Schoonebeek. Only four balloons took part but the good spirit was definetely there and therefore I managed to create a small picture gallery. It can be found here. All passengers were locals who collected enough saving stamps at supermarket C1000 in order to exchange it for a balloon flight.
Pictures from July 25, 26 and 28 can be found here. I’ve visted the popular Dutch balloon meeting ‘Friese Ballonfeesten’ in Joure, the Netherlands.This event is famous for its huge amount of colourful special shapes. Well, they were certainly there!

And if that’s already not enough activity for one week I furthermore have to add that I managed to drive 214 km by bike in four days together with my mom through the most beautiful province of the Netherlands: Drenthe!

The latest adventures summed up

Time for a rest! The last two months have been full of exiting trips. It started with the first junior world hot air balloon championship in Lithuania. What a lovely time we had. I joined the Swedish delegation and eventually our team was placed 8th out of 26. Nice job isn’t it? After a stop in Riga I continued my adventure with a three week trip to Finland. I joined a summer school program in graphic design. The midsummer magic in the Finnish forest far away from the civilized world is something which I enjoyed the most. After another while in Riga I took the plane to Sweden. I can’t get enough of the beauty of this country. Lucky me, because I made two fantastic balloon flights during the so called ‘Andrée days’ being held in Gränna. 
As I noticed from many Facebook updates the weather in western Europe hasn’t been quite summer-like. For the case you ended up at my website on another rainy day I invite you to have a look at my latest picture galleries. Enjoy!
Junior Worlds in Lithuania – Click here to go to the gallery.
Summer School in Finland – Click here to go to the gallery.
Andrée Days in Sweden – Click here to go to the gallery. 
For the case you’re not bored yet after these tons of pictures you might want to check out my latest video’s as well. The Junior Worlds video report can be found here. If you think you can handle the ‘fun edition’ as well you can click here.

I’m very thankful for all the help from a lot of lovely people who made this fantastic time possible. Especially my Finnish guest mom Anu and a whole bunch of crazy, funny, hospitable Swedes. THANKS!!