Latest novelties from the land of Vytautas

Till now Vytautas Magnus University exceeds all my expectations. This is a wonderful, liberal university with fantastic lecturers! I have to get used to the academic texts which all seem to have no end though.
A Turkish guest lecturer who would come over to give courses for some other students here didn’t manage to get to Lithuania. The Turkish airline he would fly with suddenly got bankrupt. Oops.
During the opening of the academic year a girl from Latvia hesitantly came towards me. ‘I know you’ , she said. She had been watching the video’s I made for Riga In Your Pocket. Nice!
 In Vilnius the vending machines have legs, They can talk too!
The yellow public transport busses still drive around with slightly visible Dutch Milner cheese commercials.
The second hand shop close to my university sells a huge range of Swedish and Dutch children books.
My roommate and I discovered we have the same last name. ‘Bos’ means forest in Dutch and ‘Skov’ means forest in Danish.
Dane: “In Denmark we call this a Swedish haircut”. Swede: “Naah, let’s rather call it a Lithuanian haircut”. Indeed, maybe better, seems like it’s quite a trend here! Anyways, cool shirt hm?

Green traffic light? Three double check and then sprint to the opposite of the street. Lithuanians are crazy drivers.
I’m still amazed by the fact that you can buy one decent pizza and a coke for only 2 euro’s. 
It’s quite common to spend an hour walking around through Maxima, a big supermarket. It’s huge, I never know where to find what and I always come across hordes of exchange students desperately hunting for their next meal (pasta).
 To end with, Lithuania is a nice country but they do have some stupid toys here.

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