City Chief Police Office, warm apple pie and quickly getting rid of the ‘dead ends’

After bullying my brain with my philosophy home-take midterm exam I decided to take it a bit more slow today. Still, my day was quite active, but at least my head got a day off from Harry Frankfurt’s ‘On Bullshit’. My first little adventure started this morning when I for the first time took one of the trolleybuses while being all alone. A squeaking old, strangely lime-green painted third hand (at least) trolleybus took me from the city center to one of Kaunas’ many grayish suburbs. There my friend Arturas was waiting for me. The aim of my little trip was a visit to the Kaunas City Chief Police Office. Sounds scary, but no, I just had to apply for my temporary residence permit there. Since I was told that absolutely no one there would be able to speak English I was advised to be accompanied by a Lithuanian. This was a good tip. After having seen pretty much the entire building and some posters depicting Lithuania’s most wanted creepy criminals we finally found the dusty office where I could hand in my well prepared folder of required documents (thanks to VMU’s helpful international office!). Within 2 minutes I was done there. Arturas showed me a cozy local market in the basement of a modern IKI supermarket and at yet another shopping mall we had a huge piece of warm apple pie with chocolate ice cream. That was a nice little break on a rainy day like it was today. Still I’m astonished by the prizes of restaurant visits here. For my apple pie, a coffee and a glass of delicious kefyras I paid only 2,30 euro’s (but the waitress forgot to charge me for the coffee, well, that was anyways just 29 eurocents). Arturas is planning to travel around the globe the next four or five months leaving this week already. I made use of the fact that he’s still around by joining him to the hairdresser. He needed a tropic-proof haircut while I just needed to get rid of the ‘dead ends’ I’m always complaining about. I curiously browsed through the Russian Cosmopolitans and German look books with sad looking models having antique shredded haircuts. Hmmz… Then this turned out to be the quickest, strangest and cheapest haircut I’ve ever had. Firstly my hair was straightened. Secondly, I had to get out of the chair, stand straight up, waiting for the hairdresser to accurately cut the lower part of my precious thin silver coupe. Thirdly, oh no, that was it already. Done. So, a quick haircut while facing a wall without mirror. Interesting. The price was luckily one which made my wallet smile, again. 5,80 euro. Every day is an adventure…

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