First semester in Kaunas: done!

A little update! After a crashed laptop, a collection of challenging final exams and some goodbye-saying sessions to my lovely foreign friends in Kaunas it’s time for a well deserved winter holiday. The last weeks have been tough; long grey days and the last endless study work for this year. Currently I’m in Sweden, slowly getting my feet down to earth after this first exciting semester in Lithuania. Three more to go! Let’s see where though… I’m having a look if there’s a possibility to let the inner adventurous city hopping student out of me once again… However, that’s for later, time to relax now, finally. At the moment I’m enjoying the clear blue, fresh Swedish sky filled with stars so bright. I’m intensely pleased by the colorfulness and cleanliness of this country. And oh, the people, so beautiful and with their open friendly faces. This is kind of a contrast in comparison with Lithuania. Deer and owls, meatballs, christmas spirit and a blanket of snow. Early darkness but without fear. Yeah, I really like it here!

-as everything!

Lithuanians are used putting –as behind pretty much every masculine name. Lately one of students from my course was talking about Josifas Stalinas and when I went to see ‘Skyfall’ it starred Dzeimsas Bondas. During the Kaunas Film Festival I saw a documentary about Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn, or, better said, Antonas Corbijnas. The sign on the desk of the leader of one of the Swedbank offices here states ‘bosas’, boss. They appreciated my last name when seeing it on my bank documents. Some other popular names in Lithuania: Vytautas, Gediminas, Algirdas, Rimas, Arturas, Martynas, Adomas, Mykolas, Petras. 
-as, -as, -as :)!