Conversations with the receptionist guy

Filling in yet another registration form…

Nienke: ‘What’s the date?
Receptionist: ‘Today’.
Nienke: *raising both eyebrows*
Receptionist: *shaking his head as a confimative ‘yes, of course’*

And a bed linnen checklist…

Receptionist: ‘What’s your name?’
Nienke: ‘Nienke Bos’
Receptionist: *laughing out loud*
Nienke: *raising both eyebrows*
Receptionist: ‘Bos, haha! The boss! (etc., etc., etc.)

Bringing back the key of my old room…

Nienke: ‘I’m here to bring back the key of my old room’
Receptionist: ‘What’s your name?’
Nienke: ‘Nienke Bos’
Receptionist: ‘Haha, the boss!’
Nienke: *when he will finally stop making this joke*
Receptionist: ‘You are from Sweden?’ *making a gesture as if he has long blond hair*
Nienke: ‘No no..’
Receptionist: ‘Ohja, you, neSerlands!’ (funny how many people cannot pronounce ‘th’)

When I arrived in Kaunas after the winter holiday I was welcomed by the same receptionist by the way. This is how that went: ‘Welcome to Siberia! Yes, very cold. RASSIJA, you know, yes, big neighbor’.The result: a silently sighing Nienke saying ‘Yeah, I know all about it’, stepping into yet another phase of her Baltic adventure.


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