Fat white cartoon characters

Apart from my blog post about Swedish tea towels in Lithuania the next article might be one of the most random to be found here on my website. Out of the blue I discovered I really like white, fat, cartoon figures. Don’t ask me how that suddenly came into my mind, it’s a mystery for me too. Want to see them?

The Moomintrolls from Finland
Nijntje (also known as Miffy) from the Netherlands
 Lars, the little polar bear, also from the Netherlands
 Seabert, an adorable creation from France
And last but not least, Dommel from Belgium
Till so far the cartoon characters. Do you know them all? Next week some more serious stuff again. I’ll be on an adventurous little trip with my friends from China and South Korea this weekend. It won’t be too far from Kaunas but it will for sure bring a different, exciting atmosphere. More stories and pictures next week, so stay tuned!

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