Book recommendation: Moscow Times

224 pages of media adventures in Russia. ‘Moscow Times’ is about Dutch couple Derk Sauer and Ellen Verbeek. Both left their well established career and safe life in the Netherlands behind by moving to the Soviet Union. What followed was a changing Russian media landscape in which they published numerous newspapers (a.o. Moscow Times) and magazines (a.o. the Russian Cosmopolitan and Playboy). In the meanwhile they raised three sons and survived an overall mixture of ‘that can only happen in Russia’ events. As far as I know the book is till now only available in Dutch. However, I’d highly recommend this work by Didi Michielsen to all media students and Russia lovers. Two decades of hard work for Independent Media are sketched in an easy to read manner through which every page my respect for Derk and Ellen grew. ‘Moscow Times – The Russian adventure of Derk Sauer and Ellen Verbeek’ is a welcome accompaniment for a few sunny summer days! By the way, the Russian winters as praised by Derk gave me a feeling of recognition and satisfaction about the previous few long winters I spent just around the corner of the Sauer family, in the Baltic States.


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