LMAB 30 July – evening

This afternoon started off with a nice trip to Nancy together with Peter, Isaac, Dave, Kathy, Sarah and my dad. We had such a good time strolling around, taking fun pictures. We enjoyed a delicious Italian meal which I concluded with some pistachio ice cream. The temperature is rising again in comparison with the previous two days. On our way back we were called about an interview request for tomorrow, so let’s see in which magazine my dad and I will end up!

This evening the flight was cancelled, unfortunately. It was too windy. Nevertheless, a lot of people kept on hanging around near the briefing hangar which in the end made it to a fun evening anyways. I met so many people again I hadn’t seen for ages and I laughed my ass of with my friends Djorry and Isaac. It was a while ago I laughed so loud that the tears were rolling over my cheeks. Now my little stomach is filled with two cheeseburgers again it’s time for a nap. Let’s see if the weather will be ok in a couple of hours…


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