Soviet Statue Graveyard Tallinn

Did you ever wonder what happened with all the Sovietic statues once the Baltic countries regained their independence? Well, in Lithuania there is Grutas park showing a nice collection of them. But what about Estonia? I heard some are getting dusty in the basement of the occupation museum. Furthermore, one Lenin statue is hiding in Narva, close to the Russian border. Yet, there are a lot more to be spotted not even that far from Tallinn’s Old Town. You just have to know where to search for them. 
Let’s first have a look at some of my findings:
It was not really my intention to smile so happily on this picture, yet, these drunk Finns I met were very funny and very friendly too. Here we stand next to Lenin.
The Finns eventually left. What an atmosphere; it was a very interesting experience to be the only one there, walking around all these once powerful looking statues. Now, not much of the grandeur is left actually. Here my camera’s self timer shot me looking at Stalin.
A serious look deep into Lenin’s eyes
The most colorful artwork just laying around like it has been dumped there
 This headless guy is laying next to Stalin
And another Lenin…
 The overview might look rather boring, but as you can see on the pictures above each piece has its own special impact.
Curious where to find this place? This uncommon graveyard can be found on the backside of Maarjamäe Palace (Estonian History Museum) in Tallinn, located in the Pirita district. In case you’re interested in taking the bus, it would be easiest to get out at Maarjamägi. On the map below you can see where exactly to find the statues. Furthermore, it’s free of charge.

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