It’s Master Bos now! Plus, pictures from Poland and Slovakia.

Hello world! Even though my travel blog suddenly stopped because of a lack of properly working internet, it doesn’t mean that I’ve not been active lately In fact, since this very afternoon I may call myself Master Bos! I received my Master degree in Journalism and Media Analysis from Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania. The previous days I didn’t really realize yet that today would be the final stage of my educational career – although I of course keep on learning my life long. Guess I was still a bit with my head in the clouds, as I’ve just returned from a lovely week in Slovakia during which I joined a fantastic Latvian balloon team. We had so much fun and managed to make two breathtaking flights over colorful Kosice. Amazing actually, how ballooning unites in such a quick and enjoyable way. 
If you’re curious about the pictures I took in Slovakia, please feel free to have a look here:
I also uploaded an album with more pictures about my solo travel through Southern Poland (I still cannot believe how incredibly awesome that was!), which can be found here:
Both links should also be accessible for people without having a Facebook account. But, there is more! I made a video report about the adventures of team Latvia in Slovakia as well:
Enjoy! I’ll take a well deserved rest after this day with mixed emotions. Sleep tight!

Master Bos!

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