Random observations in Turkey – July 2014

– There are many old Renault cars still driving around here

– Where are all the women?

– I haven’t seen any single piece of media depicting women in a sexually objectifying way. I did see a picture of Pamela Anderson holding a bag of crisps though, but her (probably in not so many clothes wrapped) body was so to say cut off, leaving only her head left on the picture.

– Hardly anyone seems to understand me here when I speak English

– Minors working on building sides and driving motor cycles (boys, of course)

– The majority of Chinese passengers do not speak English, which often leads to unpleasant situations during the landing procedure

– Especially when visiting a bazaar, I feel kind of watched. Mothers point me out to their children, after which they kindly start to wave. Furthermore, lots of Asian passengers had a picture taken with me.

– Atatürk sculptures and his depiction on flags

– Clean, beautiful and calm street dogs which are not begging for food

–  Passengers from India seem to ask a lot of questions during the flight. “What is that tunnel for?” or “Why is that other balloon flying so high?”.

– It’s pleasant to be from a likable little country. People respond very enthusiastic when I state I’m from the Netherlands.

– I haven’t seen clear signs of poverty at all

– Somehow, all people with whom I spoke here, wanting to say ‘Swedish’, all said ‘Swiss’ instead

After 13 fantastic flights and many early wake-ups it’s time for a well deserved rest now. Pictures will follow soon!


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